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PříspěvekPředmět: Bellisario   Fri Feb 28, 2014 10:19 pm

Name: Bellisario
Age: 17
Race: Human
Currently stays at: That's hard to say, I'm just traveling and traveling in order to find a place I would like to stay at.

Height: 168 cm
Hair: Deep purple, shoulder blade length
Eyes: Bright blue
Other features: A mole above left eyebrow and another on the left of my navel, golden accessories in my hair, I'm very proud of them, they're the heritage of my clan.

Personality: I'm an independet and strong-willed person who treasures her dreams and memories. Because of that I really hate people who are making fun of someone else's dreams, but on the other hand I feel sorry for them, because making fun of dreams and believes of the others means you don't have your own. Through all my traveling I've got used to loneliness and I can deal with it, but that doesn't mean I like it. In fact, I'm a sociable person who likes to be in company of her friends and enjoys if she can help them with anything. I'm a loving, loyal and carring person who wouldn't hesitate to sacrifice herself in order to safe the dearest ones. I have problems with dealing with disappointment, sometimes it's just too hard to believe the truth and when your peaceful and secure illusion is broken, then it's not easy to admit your mistake and live on.
Past: I belong to an ancient clan of nomads, the Shadis (the Singers). In fact, we have no homeland, the world  itself is our homeland. We've been always traveling through every country, it doesn't matter if you like or don't like a place, if you're a Shadi, once you realize that there is the time to stay and the time to leave. And that's our way of life, the freedom and the independence are our symbols. But our clan isn't famous just for it's way of life, we don't call ourselves „the Singers” for no reason. Every Shadi has the gift of voice, they say we have magical voices and as a matter of fact it's true. Just by a simple melody or a song we can make people feel better, ease their pain, give them better sleep, but we can also call nightmares to them, cause them pain or even hypnotise them. It depends, there are differnces between abilities of the Shadis. But majority of our people is against wars and doesn't intend to misuse our gift.
Yes, we are a peaceful clan, but our abilities are rare and because of that we're queite often the target of slave traders. That's a little resemblance between us and the Fanalis, but to be honest, the Fanalis have it harder. We're not hunted as much as them and I would say it's easier to hide that you're a Shadi than a Fanalis, but still every Shadi has to be careful. Because of slave trade it's quite rare to find a bigger group of Shadis at one place and we're also afraid of using our abilities.
I'm one of the few Shadis from my community who have escaped the slave traders, but since then I haven't seen any of my friends or relatives yet. I don't know what happend to them, who's still free and who's someone's slave, but it doesn't matter, I just want to find somebody cause being alone in this big world is such a sad thing.
Interests: It's not a big surprise, but I love music and dancing, it really is my life, a part of me and I'm proud of that. When I can sing or dance, and I don't mean only using my Shadi abilities, I feel that I'm alive and I also love when I can make other people happy by a simple melody or a dance. I also enjoy good food, especially the spicy ones. I also like animals, mostly the felines, but my passion are horses. As far back as I was a child my father taught me everything about horses and I'm great at horse riding.
Abilities: As I've already mentioned I have those typical Shadi abilities. I'm able to ease the pain, but also to cause it, a single melody can be a salvation as well as a weapon. Frankly, our abilities aren't so mysterious as many people think. It's just accurate manipulation with magoi that is concentrated in our vocal cords.


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