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PříspěvekPředmět: Rei'Shen    Sat Apr 05, 2014 5:52 pm

Name: Rei’Shen
Age: 16
Race: human
Currently stays at: Qishan

Height: 155 cm
Hair: light brown
Eyes: dark brown
Other features:  freckle near lower lip

Personality: I’m pretty cheerful, sweet and modest. I like making fun of people and pulling their leg but I also know when there is no time for fun. I seem to be confident but I think that I am just ordinary girl. I also seem very happy and without troubles but to be honest I feel pretty lonely. In the assassin’s organization I had no friends and because of that organization I didn’t have time for making new friends. So I’m pretty sad and lonely. I can be very devoted or faithful to people who helped me once or did something special for me. I also get angry very quickly when my dearest friend/whoever is in danger or someone else hurt him/her.

Past: I used to be an assassin. I worked for one assassin’s organization. I have to admit that I killed lot of people. I mostly killed rich and unfair traders and slaveholders. I had to kill one slaveholder named Jamil recently…but the assassin’s organization betrayed me (actually the organization was found and destroyed and I just didn’t know). I also failed to kill Jamil and unfortunately I became slave as well. My weapons were taken away from me and they treated me terribly. I really hated myself that I had failed the mission and become this. But! A young man decided to conquest a dungeon that stood in the city Qishan.  And my “lord” decided to go too. I really hope that he will die here and never come back!

Interests: dancing, stalking people and getting information about them, drinking and having fun with friends (TwT), drawing/painting

Abilities: assassin techniques, master swordsman, very skilful combatant, skilful in martial arts,

King Vessel: (in the future) Alibaba Saluja/Amon
Metal Vessel: Amon xxx / two daggers
Techniques:  -


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