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 Who's the Saviour? (Chin)

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PříspěvekPředmět: Who's the Saviour? (Chin)   Sun Apr 13, 2014 1:33 pm

When you see a young Kou general it happens that he's accompanied by a foreign girl. She has lightly tanned skin, deep brown eyes, little mole under the right one and deep purple hair properly tied up. Just one sight and you know she's not from Kou. However, her heart belongs to Kou. Quite an exotic beauty wearing the Empire's armor as she goes even on battlefield with her general.

My name's Chin Bai and I'm one of Entei's sama generals. Although I'm quite young I'm an experienced soldiere and strategist. I've gone through many battles and as Kou's expanse has been getting bigger I couldn't count how many slave traders have we captured and yet one of these encounters changed my life.

When we've captured a slave camp we have punished the slave traders and let their slaves go. They could live just the way they used to - as human beings with their rights and as people of Kou, of course. As my men were setting free those slaves I was walking around lost in my thoughts. On one hand it is a nice feeling that you're giving freedom to those people again but on the other hand it's terrifying that the worst things like slavery do people themselves to other people. I thought there already weren't any slaves but then I heard a strange noise and there she was. A girl hiding in the ruins, at first it seemed like that but when I came closer I saw her chains trapped under some stones. She was unsuccessfully trying to free herself but didn't make a sound even when she noticed me. "It's no use, let me help you a little." I put away those stones and she immediately recoiled from me. I could finally look at her properly. Shoulder-lenght deep purple hair, deep brown eyes, a mole under the right one and several scratches and smudges on her tanned skin. What a sight it was, what a distrust and fear as well as sign of resistance in her eyes. She was expecting the worst and couldn't believe the good. She was huddled there in that teared up dress and chains and didn't allow our eyes to meet. Somehow I felt like I have to protect her. If I won't, who will?

I took off my coat and wrapped it around her shoulders. She took fright when I touched her but she kept the coat. "I will help you to get rid off those chains, shall I?" She just nodded and tried to stand up as I was helping her but she wasn't able to. Her legs were wounded and in general she was too weak so I as gently as I could took her in my arms. "You don't have to fear me." I've saved her or has she saved me? I have to admit that a special bond has arised between us.

It took some time till we got to our base and till all the saved got better. During that time I've been visiting her a lot. I've found out she's a Shadi and her family was captured by those slave traders, but they've been separated some day. At first it wasn't so easy cause she didn't want to tell me a single word but I didn't mind. I'm stubborn, you know, so I've been the one talking. It took about three days till I heard her voice for the first time. "Chin... It was your name, right?" What a beautiful moment it was. To tell the truth I've been imagining her voice many times but nothing could compare to reality. When I heard her and saw those eyes again I knew there was somenthing special about her. "Looks like I owe you somenthing, at least my name. So... I'm Mara and I'm grateful for all you've done for me." From that day on we've been little by little getting to know each other.

I remember when I asked her if she could sing me somenthing. I was pretty curious about that magical voice of Shadis but at that time she refused. "Not yet, there will be the right time." I didn't understand but what I knew was that I didn't want her to leave. I knew she had nowhere to go but I was afraid she's going to answer the calling of her nation, you know, when the Shadis feel the need to go they'll just go and I didn't want to lose her. Despite these feelings I've been enjoying the time we've been spending together and then I got my answer.

One night I was just walking around the lake near our base as I couldn't sleep. Even in my imaginations I didn't expect her to come and yet there she was looking at me with those endlessly deep eyes. I didn't have the chance to ask her anything and she didn't even have to say anything, she just started to sing. It was breathtaking, I have never heard anything like this before. Then she stopped and I had hardly any words to say. "I could listen to you every day of my life..." She smiled and came closer. "Do you remember when I was refusing to sing for you? The Shadis believe that every song or a melody reveals a part of our hearts and I wasn't sure if I can show it to you but now I am. I wouldn't mind even giving it to you." I couldn't believe it was happening and yet it is still true. We've stayed together side by side and even when some people still think about Mara as about a former slave she has became my legitimate wife. Our lives are tied up together but it's not just this as Mara also fell in love with Kou itself. I remember as she told me that she has never had a real home and how she's been missing it. I'm happy I could give it to her.
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Who's the Saviour? (Chin)
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